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Guitar Noises Sample Pack

I received a Roland Cube 15 guitar amplifier a few weeks ago as a gift. I was messing around with the built-in distortion effects on it and noticed that on the “Metal Stack” setting some harmonic sounds you can get by very lightly muting a string with a single finger and plucking it got a very interesting metallic sounding quality to them. I decided to record myself noodling around on my guitar making weird noises for a few minutes and make a sample pack out of it.

I cut up the recording in FL Studio, exported every clip I got, sorted them into 2 folders, and normalized them to -0.1 dB peak with ffmpeg-normalize. I accidentally originally exported the clips at 44.1KHz even though I would’ve preferred a higher samle rate to not lose quality when repitching the samples when using them in songs but it isn’t big enough of a deal for me to bother redoing all that work. I included every well isolated pluck sound I could clip from the recording as well as some other stuff and ended up with 96 plucks/clicks and 17 miscellaneous sounds of me accidentally rubbing the strings with my fingers and other weird sounding stuff.

I also made a few demo loops where I tried to keep the samples as original sounding as possible with just a little EQ and a bit of reverb to give a taste of how they sound without you having to download the whole pack. You listen to it below.

Everything here except the drums and sub bass is a sample from the pack. The snares have been layered with sounds from the pack and I really like the sound of them. You can hear similar snares in some deathstep songs and I just love those hard hitting metallic snares and am excited to use these in my songs.

The pack is licensed under CC BY 4.0. You can download it here if you’re interested.