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Fuzz Face in a face

I built this pedal in October 2020 but I guess I forgot to post it so here it is.

orange m&m tin

I found this orange m&m tin while browsing a thrift shop and since it’s a face I thought it would make the perfect enclosure for a fuzz-face clone. So I bought it and built a fuzz-face inside it.

I used this circuit from the tagboardeffects blog, which uses “piggybacked” transistors with trimmers to adjust the gain to emulate germanium transistors.

“piggybacked” transistor

Also the 8.2k R3 is replaced with a 10k potentiometer to adjust the biasing of the output stage. With this you can get some really cool sounds.

Below is the full schematic as I built it. I used 50k for the trimmers and replaced the 500k logarithmic volume pot with a 100k linear one.


Here’s the finished pedal:

finished pedal



The way I wired the foot switch leaves the input of the circuit floating when bypassed, which can cause pops when engaging the pedal. Check out Madbean Pedals’ standard wiring diagram for a more optimal configuration. I also didn’t include a LED because the original Fuzz Face didn’t have one (or maybe just because I was lazy).