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LM13700 dual VCA

This is a module I built quite a while ago in January 2022. I forgot to clean up and post the schematic and layout back then but coming across the verified stripboard layouts thread on Look Mum No Computer’s forum inspired me to go back and do it now.

It’s based on the circuit from the Design a Eurorack “Vintage VCA” with the LM13700 article on Electric Druid with a few changes.


LM13700 dual VCA schematic

Download: LM13700-dual-VCA-schematic.pdf (0.1 MiB)

My changes

Stripboard layout

LM13700 dual VCA stripboard layout


I’ve included the original values for the parts I changed in the third column.

Part Value Original
R2, R3, R14, R15 680 620
R5, R11, R17, R22 1k
R8, R20 6k8
R4, R16 22k 18k
R10, R21 47k 33k
R1, R13 100k
R12, R23 100k 120k
R6, R7, R18, R19 470k 330k
C1, C2 1n
C3, C4 100n
C5, C6 10μ 47μ
D1, D2 1N4148
Q1, Q2 2N3906
U1 TL074
U2 LM13700


Here’s the template I used to make the panel: LM13700-dual-VCA-panel.pdf (0.0 MiB)

Finished module


LM13700 dual VCA